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Corn tooth blue and white porcelain

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Corn tooth blue and white porcelain

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Corn tooth blue and white porcelain

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    First, the scientific use of metal zipper: 1, pull the metal zipper, you must first on both sides of the tooth close to the top must be aligned, and then pinching the metal zipper head along the track gently pull, can not force too much pul...More

  • Repair small zip coupRelease Time2016-12-27

    One end of a staple can be folded inward so that it is parallel to the needle bar and the other end is folded straight. According to the length of the iron side of the zipper pull off the excess part of the staple from the straight cut off....More

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    On the needle 1, the purpose of needle detection: In order to check out the clothing sewing sewing needle left in the clothing. Sewing broken needle of the main ingredients: iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) Needlepoint Danger! 2, needle detection pri...More

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