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1.Enterprise purpose: customer first, credibility winning , good quality, quality service .
2.Business philosophy: a. Quality - the basis of image; technology - the key to take off; management - the eternal theme; innovation - the source of development. b. staff manage enterprises, science and technology improve quality, quality win the market, innovation for development.
3.Team awareness: I survive with business, business survive with my development; I do for business, business profit for me.
4.Enterprise style: a. Hard work, efficient, civilized, struggle. B. Truth-seeking, pragmatic, hard-working and efficient.
5.Enterprise spirit : a. love factory, dedicated, pioneering and enterprising. b. Dedicated, conscientious, struggle, innovation. c. dedication, struggle, development, innovation
6.Professional ethics: a. Users are parents, service is basic duty. B. Customer first, service first
7.Corporate image: business according to law, scientific management, civilization practition, competent style, quality service, excellent quality, skilled and innovation.
8.Quality policy: advanced technology, management science, engineering, quality product, re-integrity, service in place.
9.Enterprise Faith: a. today take entrepreneurship road, tomorrow do the development business. b. Take the entrepreneurship road, seek development plans, write brilliant chapter .
10.Business strategy: a. Talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, market development strategy. b. Implement talent, brand, innovation and market development strategy, consolidate and improve construction and installation level, develop and strengthen the processing and manufacturing capacities.
11.Enterprise values: never satisfied, striving for excellence, self-improvement and development.
12.Enterprise environment: harmonious internal relations, the entire staff working together; smooth external relations, help development in all directions
13.Enterprise Philosophy: management of people-oriented, service of quality first, style of competent and excellent, efficiency of high and better.
14.Action slogan: survive with working hard, innovation seek development
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