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Zipper knowledge must read

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SummaryOn the needle 1, the purpose of needle detection: In order to check out the clothing sewing sewing needle left in the clothing. Sewing broken needle of the main ingredients: iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) Needlepoint Danger! 2, needle detection pri...

On the needle
1, the purpose of needle detection:
In order to check out the clothing sewing sewing needle left in the clothing.
Sewing broken needle of the main ingredients: iron (Fe), nickel (Ni)
Needlepoint Danger!
2, needle detection principle:
Magnetic field lines N pole → S pole principle, the middle of the magnetic material through, affecting the magnetic field changes, manifested as: needle detector call (iron, cobalt, nickel are easy to magnetize the material).
3, needle detection standards:
NC-A (issued by the Japan Textile Inspection Association) converted into steel balls, diameter 0.80mm below.
4, the sensitivity of the needle detector:
Φ0.80mm steel ball can be stopped, Φ0.68mm ball can pass;
5, but the reasons for the seizure:
① needle to stay in the clothing;
② needle detector sensitivity is too high;
③ garment fabric processing and sewing process, a small amount of metal powder adsorbed on the fabric;
④ sewing needle impact zipper, a small amount of metal debris to stay in the impact;
⑤ Customers washed or other chemical substances added in the process may contain a small amount of material can not pass the needle, dip in the fabric or zipper;
⑥ larger area of ​​the pull-tab or ring-shaped pull-tab.
L on the nickel content
6, anti-nickel: ANTI-Nickel --- nickel release on the human skin does not have an impact;
7, non-nickel: Nickel Free --- absolutely no nickel
8, nickel on the human body:
Nickel skin contact with the human body, so that the skin that "imaginary enemy" invasion, and secretion of certain substances to resist, the performance of skin allergies, rash, itching and so on.
9, the standard: EN1811 / EN12472 standard nickel release ≤ 0.5μg / cm .week
10, OTS Features:
Nickel - copper products exceed the standard (Ni - Cu);
Recommended brass plating white products.
L on the color
11, light source: D65 --- international standard light source
12, the standard: QB / T 2171 ~ 2173-2001 requirements to achieve four
13, color samples:
A, color sample size must be greater than 4 × 4cm2;
B, color samples must indicate positive and negative;
C, wool and reflective fabric color are not allowed.
14, light-colored fabrics hit color with:
A, light-colored fabric can not be directly with the red, black and dark blue zipper contact;
B, light-colored fabric can not be in direct contact with the aluminum zipper;
C, light-colored fabric with metal zipper, zippers and packaging in the middle of the middle of the paper or plastic bags separated to avoid dust and other debris pollution clothes;
D, a high demand for color fastness, the next single-need to specify a special solid color, and provide the appropriate fabric to do the color shift test.
15, coated fabric:
A, due to the coating part of the coating will increase the occurrence of shift dyeing, so PU or PVC coating can not be directly with the dark-colored zipper contact;
B, in the selection of dark-colored zipper with different color coated fabric, should be in the middle of paper or cloth to be isolated;
C, optional zipper for coating fabric, the next single-need to specify a special solid color, and provide the appropriate fabric to do the color shift test.
16, leather fabric: As the leather in the mixing process to add acid or chromium compounds and other chemical components, in conjunction with the metal parts of the chemical reaction, so be sure to leather chemical composition and neutralization, and cleaning and drying.
L attention to the process of garment processing
17, before the lead-way sewing:
A, in the sewing closed zipper, in order to prevent the pull in the first stop at the case of stuck, the former should take the lead in a natural state;
B, parking spaces and the distance between the top to keep at 2 ~ 3mm
18, shrinkage: In order to prevent the zipper teeth after arching phenomenon, should be based on the flexibility of the fabric shrinkage appropriate deduction zipper length;
20, flat car location
A, sewing zipper should be so that the car away from the chain 3mm or so, to leave enough to pull the first channel, otherwise there will be blocking the phenomenon of pulling or blocking the same time there will be arch teeth arch phenomenon;
B, sewing zipper should avoid the presser foot collision pull head, otherwise there will pull the first deformation, Diaoqi or coating off phenomenon.
21, double open zipper: double open zipper in the sewing, should keep the same parking spaces, if the rubber too close to the lattice parking bolt box, will increase the angle of force, there may be plug-pin box off phenomenon
22, post-processing: sewing is completed, the sewing thread should be cleaned up, otherwise the thread into the pull head, forcibly pull together will lead to pull the high and big mouth caused by zipper break open phenomenon;
23, corners: zipper used in tents or luggage, the plane angle can not be greater than 90 degrees, otherwise there will be pull together obstruction, forcible pull together may also be zipper break phenomenon.
24, garment dyeing, pull head, box, plug and other metal parts will be chemical corrosion.
A, need to do garment dyeing, should be proofing test;
B. Dyeing should be done in time to clean and dry.
C, cotton, linen fabric dyeing dyestuffs in conjunction with the metal material redox reaction, the dye was reduced to decomposition, thus leaving the traces of anti-color on the fabric;
D, finished garment dyeing must be promptly cleaned and dried.
25, commonly used method of washing
General wash: water temperature at 60 ~ 90 ℃, plus a certain amount of detergent for 15 minutes;
Enzyme washing: enzyme is a cellulase, it can at a certain PH value and temperature, the degradation of the fiber structure, so that the cloth can be more mildly fade, faded hair (produce "Peach" fruit), and get Lasting soft effect;
Stone: that is, adding a certain size in the washing of pumice stone, pumice and clothes polished, washed cloth gray show, old feeling, clothing has a slight to severe damage. Commonly used Yellowstone, Whitehead, AAA stone, artificial stone, rubber ball for washing;
Sand washing: more with some alkaline, oxidizing additives, so that after washing clothes have a certain fade effect and old sense, if accompanied by stone, washed fabric surface will produce a layer of soft cream white hair, then add some softener , Can be washed fabric soft, soft, so as to enhance the comfort of wearing;
Rinse: rinse can be divided into oxygen bleaching and chlorine bleaching. Oxygen bleaching is the use of hydrogen peroxide in a certain PH value and temperature oxidation to destroy the dye structure, so as to achieve the purpose of fading, whitening; chlorine bleaching is the use of sodium hypochlorite oxidation to destroy the dye structure, so as to achieve the purpose of fading;
Ma Liu washing: potassium permanganate commonly used to add oxalic acid to achieve the purpose of fading.
26, water damage to the zipper
As a result of water washing, the pull head or the surface of the tooth surface was washed by washing machine liner wall wall wear, resulting in coating or coating wear, resulting in Diaoqi or exposed copper at the end;
As the washing, the first fall into the water washing machine inner hole, the washing caused when the pull-tab broken, twisted, cap off and so on;
As the water is not closed when the zipper, causing box, bolt, chain and other components damage;
Water should be closed zipper, pull the film will be fixed, the pull head and the chain of teeth wrapped protection;
In particular, do stone washing or use black nickel zipper should pay special attention to the need to do proofing in advance to do washing test, washing when the zipper chemical reaction
The aluminum alloy zipper teeth chemical reaction, and the emergence of small teeth, which appear to break open or the chain of teeth off phenomenon;
Washing is not washed in time after drying, the fabric of the dye or residual chemicals and metal parts of the redox reaction, causing the fabric or metal parts discoloration.
27, clothing ironing cause bad
Metal zipper chain surface protection layer heated dissolution, leaving a stain on the fabric;
Injection zipper when the case of high temperature, the chain of teeth softening deformation, block oral cavity leading to plug not working, double-pin lead to pull the lead from where the head will fall off;
Steam ironing or wet rain, causing the surface of the metal accessories 2 + blue rust stains (Cu);
Garment ironing, must be fully dry before packaging.
28, packaging
Packaging should be breathable moisture;
Polyethylene bags inside the light-colored zipper place for too long, will zipper yellow.
29, storage
Zippers should be stored in a dark and ventilated environment, not a long time directly exposed to air or sunlight;
High concentrations of H S gas in the storage or use environment may darken the zipper metal parts, and a high CL gas concentration may cause the zipper to become yellow.
30, transport
Marine transport, high temperature and high humidity and high salt content of the environment will cause corrosion of metal parts;
The need for long-distance shipping orders, orders should be specified when the salt spray test requirements.

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