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Zipper quality management knowledge content

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SummaryFirst, the quality of zipper management projects (A) of the zipper specifications and models Zipper specifications refer to the width and size range of the two back teeth chains. The unit of measurement is millimeters. The specification of...

 First, the quality of zipper management projects

(A) of the zipper specifications and models
Zipper specifications refer to the width and size range of the two back teeth chains. The unit of measurement is millimeters. The specification of the zipper is the basis of the shape and size of each component, and is the most important dimension. Zipper model is the shape, structure and performance characteristics of the important reflection of the zipper model not only contains the zipper specifications, but also reflects the performance characteristics of the zipper, zipper technical parameters and the use of functions.
(B) the zipper strong
Zipper is the most important performance index, determines the use of zippers and durability, in the national zipper standard, the strength is clearly defined, but also the basis for testing the quality of zipper. Different specifications of the zipper models have different strengths for different purposes, zipper suppliers will generally give a specification model and the use of reference options. Zipper specifications and models must meet the requirements of the use, once confirmed, the specification model must meet the requirements of orders.
(C) pull the chain length
The length of the zipper relates to the size of the garment or garment closure or part and is the most important size. The length of the zipper is measured by placing the zipper flat on a flat platen in a natural state, measuring the length from the top of the slider to the outer end of the lower stop, To the outer end of the socket.
Zipper in the production process, due to the inertia of the device and consider the integrity of the tooth, zipper length allows a deviation, but within a certain range.
(D) the flatness of the zipper
Zipper straightness test method: take a finished zipper, flat on the flat table, make it in a natural state, and then use the finger along the edge of the tooth along the sides of the move back and forth, with a straight edge to bend closer to , And then use another ruler to take the distance between the foot and the ruler, this distance is flatness.
(5) The color of zipper and zipper belt
Zipper and zipper with the color must be confirmed to confirm the kind of card back, if the request with a large body color, but also with the fabric once again check, and check with the zipper with or without color, the same batch of zipper with or without color, the general should GRADE3 the above.
(F) the appearance of the zipper
1. Zipper straightness and flatness: the zipper in a natural drooping state, no wave back bend.
2. Zipper chain teeth: injection zipper with teeth bright, no depression in the middle of the front, no missing teeth, metal teeth arranged in neat rows, not skew, no broken teeth chain, tooth teeth together good.
3. Injection zipper color: color uniform, bright and bright, no color.
4. Zipper with adhesive tape: zipper tape with glue position symmetry, no skew, paste Department repeated 10 times to turn 180 degrees and constantly.
5, pull the first: electroplating slider coating bright, can not afford to skin, no foreign body scratches, coating thickness of not less than 3um, painting, spray lacquer surface bright color, uniform coating firm, no bubbles, no dead ends and other defects .
(G) the function of the zipper
During the inspection, the following operations can be performed to ensure that the zipper function is good.
Pull the slider back and forth to move, sliding head smooth, flexible, no beating or locking feeling. Special attention to the pull head in the top, bottom and socket at the start of accessibility.
Flip the flap in the range of 180 degrees flip flexible.
Insert the cannula into the socket or unplug the cannula, flexible and accessible.
Pull the two zipper teeth, angle 60 or so, pull tension speed is moderate, if the slider does not slide, that pull the self-locking good, otherwise that no self-locking or self-locking strength is not enough, the pull perpendicular to the drawing plane Pull up, the hood firmly.
(8) special performance requirements
1. Color fastness: general requirements of the even in 80 ℃ hot water soak for 15 minutes, compared with the original, more than 4.
2. Hand shrinkage rate: zipper shrinkage of not more than 3%, dry cleaning shrinkage of less than 3%.
3. Resistance to organic solvents: the zipper immersed in the temperature of 20 +/- 2 degrees Celsius in four recordings of ethylene solution for 2 hours, let it dry naturally, the zipper open and closed to maintain the original function.
4. Corrosion resistance of metal coating: In 3% of the solution in the solution, after 180 minutes after the removal of natural drying, visual inspection with or without rust.
5. Does not contain toxic or harmful substances.
Second, the zipper strong test
There are many ways to measure zipper strength, but the basic strength requirements can be tested by the following methods, from the results of these tests can determine the different uses of zipper quality.
(A) of the tensile strength test
Flat pull strength is the most basic strength index, with the test zipper teeth in the interlocked state, the ability to resist lateral forces, which is very similar to the actual use of the state.
(B) of the strong end of the test
Zipper with interlocking teeth, and pulling the first pull to the top of the mouth, pulling the first pull, this time to measure the strength of the zipper top, which is a simulation of the zipper in the grip state, the first pull over the top pull off or The ability to resist external forces when moving from top to bottom.
(C) under the strong test
Pulling the head to the lower end of the mouth, the tooth is divided into left and right parts, pulling the left and right side of the teeth can be measured under the destruction of the required force, as well as measuring the internal resistance of the pull head.
(D) open-end flat pull strength test
Test open end of the insertion tube and socket resistance to external damage, the fixture up and down, respectively, fixed to the left and right side of the opening, pull even in the closed case, start the machine.
(E) pull the first block of the strong test
The slider is self-locking in the middle of the tooth, and the zipper teeth are divided into left and right parts. The left and right zippers are stretched to test the locking strength and the resistance of the internal components of the slider.
(F) pull Tu La combined with the strength of the test
To pull the direction perpendicular to the pull applied to pull the first force, that pull the pull and separation of the body so far, the value recorded at this time is the pull the first combination of pull strength.

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