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Metal zipper plating process

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Summary金属拉链的链牙一般分为普通牙和Y 牙。均可通过给排牙机安装相应的的模具排出来。 拉链的电镀均为化学药水反应,不是电解反应。拉链电镀化学药水有专门卖的也可由经验丰富的师...

Metal zipper teeth are generally divided into ordinary teeth and Y teeth. Can be installed by the corresponding row of teeth to die out.
Zipper plating chemical reactions are chemical reaction, not the electrolysis reaction. Zipper electroplating chemical syrup can also be sold by the experienced master with out. Can be done out of the general colors are: bronze, bronze, bronze (light and dark can be divided into ordinary green ancient, ancient Qingqing, bright green ancient), electric gold, white gold, crack cracking, bright grams cracking (that light gun) , Light gold, rose gold and other colors.
In the use of copper material on the different, the effect of chemical reactions are also different. At present H85, H65 (the higher the number that the higher the copper content) is more commonly used copper material, H90 copper generally used in the pursuit of higher brightness when used, such as rose gold.
As a result of chemical plating is only a thin layer, and the nature of instability, so generally in the hot band process in the chain teeth over cracking coffee oil (a transparent protective paint) so that can maintain color, but also to prevent Acid - base corrosion anti - oxidation.
For aluminum or copper zipper, the use and custody of the process be careful not to damp, do not contact with alkaline and acidic substances in order to avoid the metal teeth damp, oxidation corrosion.
Metal ring is generally linked to the plating process (linked to the coating is very thin coating, can be rubbed off by hand), and then on a layer will not fade protective film, but this layer of protective film after a long period of time after the mill will Out, so you try to use nail polish, nail polish with the nature of that layer of protective film is about the same

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